Eastern Moravia

Eastern Moravia - the Zlín Region is home to a diverse range of exceptional landmarks, folk festivals, and cuisine. It is a region of spas, hiking, cycle tourism, and winter sports.

Eastern Moravia

The town of Zlín has remarkable architecture connected to the development and operations of the international Baťa shoe retailer, which was founded and based here. Another great attraction is a unique historic waterway, the Baťa Canal. The 80 km-long course has been complemented by a bicycle path and tourist infrastructure, and draws thousands of tourists to the region.

Baťa Canal

Stand for a while in the Tomáš Baťa Memorial and you will understand what it means to return something to its former glory and fame. And so it is with the whole region, in fact, modern life here never forgetting the magnificent history. It is perhaps symbolic of this that Eva Jiřičná, an architect and designer of worldwide renown, builds in her native Zlín with a feeling for the Baťa heritage.

Tomáš Baťa Memorial

The picturesque architecture of Dušan Jurkovič, in Luhačovice or Pustevny, will bring you even closer to the local folk traditions here. You will reach Slovácko, with its ancient customs, brass band music, plum schnapps and wine, or the mountainous Moravian Wallachia, with its timbered cottages, wooden churches, viewing towers, a famous open-air museum and distinctive cuisine.

Wallachian kingdom and the Beskids

Below is the fertile lowland around the River Morava, overlooked in Kroměříž by the Archbishop‘s Chateau, a UNESCO monument. Here you can travel by boat along the famous canal. Which brings us back to Baťa…

Kroměříž - Introduction - UNESCO Czech heritage